Mamiya 7 II Kodak slide (17 of 17)My main project now is the Get Rich Slow series: a whimsical exploration of the associations between wealth and sense of place. I take images of mundane/ordinary places. Then add words, often inspired by bits of conversation, ironic and weirdly appropriate.  The result, I hope, reflects something of my own mixed thoughts and feelings about the region where I live – ‘a good place to be poor’ – was the accurate observation of a friend.  I have a great deal of affection for the Northwest, warts and all.  I hope this comes across.

This steadily growing series of images has been exhibited at the Smithers Art Gallery (2014) and the Terrace Art Gallery (2015).


Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.28.21 AMIn 2013 I was part of a project involving cuisine, culture, and a hero’s journey. Itamae: My Life in Front of the Cutting Board is the story of chef Avi Sternberg’s initiation into the world of Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine. Published by Muskeg Press, this hybrid cultural journey / foodie book was a pleasure to work on. In addition to traveling to Japan to collect shots for Avi’s story, I’m responsible for the layout and design of the book. Check out the gallery on this site to see a sampling of some of the shots taken during this project.